20 Oct All men are Brothers

What are gatecrashes for?

Admittedly, I didn’t know either.

Especially when the wedding is intercultural, the foreign family and friends are the dumbfounded ones when asked to ingest all sorts of suspicious foods or when they are subjected to morning contortion.

One particular wedding I shot for offered nascent insight into the phenome of “Gatecrashing”. The bride had initially wanted her groom to pick her up in a quiet fuss free affair; but changed her mind when one of her best buddies proffered to say that one’s wedding day is as much a party for her parents as it is the couple’s. Hence, do not go quiet into the night. Create a rousing noisy fun atmosphere to enliven the memories of the wedding day! She said. These games are not played for the heck of it, (though it is good grace to keep them short and sweet), they are played for the hearty glee of the older folks. For them to have a show and a laugh of the day. So as to tell the neighbours, “yes” my daughter has left the nest to build her own.

On the other side of the spectrum, we meet the band of brothers. They often turn up in coordinated costume dress and mostly are game for a morning of exercise. They put on their best behaviour when they meet the groom’s mother, whom they warmly call Auntie. These guys go way back and might have even shared dinners cooked by the groom’s mother when they were tearing down the neighbourhood in their BMX’s.

This day, I endeavour to shoot the coolest portraits for this circle of friends whose bond just got tighter through baptism of fire of the Gatecrash.

These are the brothers of Justin’s. Here is the full wedding day shenanigans of Justin and Huey.BrothersBrothersBrothers Brothers Brothers   Brothers

Jaclyn Tan
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