Prewedding SIngapore

27 Oct Day to Night Singapore Prewedding Photography

Feel again Though they don't say it, I'm sure brides quietly gasp at how handsome her future looks in a well cut suit; the grooms gaze at his missus a little longer than usual. It's been proven that our pupils dilate when we see something we love. The science is not necessarily caught in pictures, but it's that elusive connection that we can't put into words. They began shy, and relaxed through the blessing of a cool morning. In the afternoon, it downright sizzled at the skatepark. There was electricity still crackling in the air that was sweetened by their harmonious strumming. Both of...

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20 Oct All men are Brothers

What are gatecrashes for? Admittedly, I didn't know either. Especially when the wedding is intercultural, the foreign family and friends are the dumbfounded ones when asked to ingest all sorts of suspicious foods or when they are subjected to morning contortion. One particular wedding I shot for offered nascent insight into the phenome of "Gatecrashing". The bride had initially wanted her groom to pick her up in a quiet fuss free affair; but changed her mind when one of her best buddies proffered to say that one's wedding day is as much a party for her parents as it is the couple's. Hence, do...

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Prewedding Singapore

27 Sep When the stars align-Moon and Yangyi Singapore prewedding

My first thought when I met Moon and Yangyi was how they had that inexplicable look that goes together. They are young, beautiful, but beyond what Lana sang, they also resembled each other. Sometimes you meet a couple so in tune with each other, you imagine a hermetically sealed bubble around them. Inside that bubble, the sounds of the outside world melts into a blur and they can zoom in and focus on each other. The eyelash blinking away microscopic dew drops, his slight quirk for example. But I digress. We took this bubble of bliss out for a day in Singapore. Their...

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23 Jun I Choose You

Jeremy and Debrah, a very special couple who have journeyed with me in my early days of makeup and hair learning. They've modeled for John's lighting experiments and cracked enough not-funny-but-because-too-tired-so-laugh-along kinda jokes that we've become the eponymous SPCA poster kids of Friends for Life. So you can imagine how supremely wondrous it was when they wanted us to capture their prewedding! It means so much to John and myself. Outer Tokyo became our playground with both Jeremy and Debrah shivering whenever the cold nihon kaze blows, but it's worth it no? And because there's welcome forever summer in Singapore and more than one too...

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Singapore Tatler Weddings Feature | John15 Photography | Singapore

23 Jun Singapore Tatler Weddings Feature, John15 Photography x Alisha & Lace x Capella Singapore

We had the privilege to be invited to be guest photographers for a feature segment at the impeccable Capella Singapore. With dreamy sheaths of tulle and oh-so-beautiful gowns, you'd think it's impossible for the photos to be less fashion-y. But that's how we ran with it. The muse du jour is the clothes horse Jiyoung. We worked way less with the way her body can contort into sculptural proportions, and we went for her gaze. "What did the first love note say?" and her eyes softened forgetting that the camera is a machine, but is an instrument of memory. John15, our first loves are always movement,...

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23 Jun Land of the Rising Sunbeams

Japan Calling 2017 We embark on yearly sojourns to anywhere in Japan because as light chasers Japan's sunshine is mostly picture perfect. I speak the language and John eats well, so as a team we make a pretty good Role Playing Game combi. On the prewedding roadtrip, we stop anywhere where the scene takes our breath away. God's light beams in all its glory, and all we have to do is just be. Confirmed trip Spring 2017, Kyoto. Ask us....

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Prewedding Singapore Photoshoot | John15 Photography | Singapore

18 May Masons Wedding Fair 2014

Imagine a scene of classic black and white, the air is fresh and there’s open spaces where one can breathe. John15 Photography will be at the Masons Wedding Fair 2014 this coming 12th of October. Meet us there and we guarantee you’ll smile at the amazing value we’ll be offering you exclusively on that day! SMS 97730267 or email [email protected] now =)...

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