23 Jun I Choose You

Jeremy and Debrah, a very special couple who have journeyed with me in my early days of makeup and hair learning.
They’ve modeled for John’s lighting experiments and cracked enough not-funny-but-because-too-tired-so-laugh-along kinda jokes that we’ve become the eponymous SPCA poster kids of Friends for Life.

So you can imagine how supremely wondrous it was when they wanted us to capture their prewedding!
It means so much to John and myself.

Outer Tokyo became our playground with both Jeremy and Debrah shivering whenever the cold nihon kaze blows, but it’s worth it no?

And because there’s welcome forever summer in Singapore and more than one too beautiful gowns, we shot them on a leg in Singapore in my now favourite dusty-blue gown.

But that’s not important, the star of the local shoot is Angel, Debrah and Jeremy’s adopted furkid, mascot of Nekojam.com and guardian of the brave new forever-home.

One can only sigh. In a good drunken way from laughing at too many not-funny jokes.


Jaclyn Tan
[email protected]