Japan Fuji Kawaguchiko Prewedding

19 Dec Fuji in Tokyo Prewedding in Spring

The Japan prewedding of Debrah and Jeremy of Nekojam- Singapore's premier online pet food store. Besides her mission to legitimately own a cat with Jeremy's blessings, Debrah's dream of dragging Jeremy to Japan came true. ...

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John15 Prewedding Overseas

21 Jul Northern Lights Summer Daze

When he was an undergrad, Marcus headed north for an unforgettable internship in Sweden. Cameras weren't brilliant then, digital cameras were merely in their infancy. Even then, he had tried his utmost to capture the elusive Northern lights, the aurora borealis. What his eye could see, his camera could not. And from then on, the boy made a promise to himself that he'll say hej da to Sweden to conquer and capture the Aurora.   Fast forward a decade on, he captured the northern lights and more, a faithful heart.   Nobody absolutely nobody, flies a gezillion miles headlong into a punishing negative 30...

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Prewedding Overseas Photoshoot | John15 Photography | Singapore

30 Jun Prewedding Overseas – Adrian & Ailing Hokkaido Japan Winter

Winter is coming One never tires of this now famous cliche from Game of Thrones as I eagerly wait for season 7 to assault my senses. The Japanese winter of snow land Hokkaido is also brutal. Make no mistake of that. That's exactly the magic of photography. Photography- where time is frozen; howling winds that whip us hither and thither masquerade as a gentle whisper in imagery.   Ailing and Adrian sought an epic photoshoot, which was exactly what John15 delivered. A solidly epic prewedding photoshoot. Even the GoT-proportion weather yielded a variety of reactions (violent uncontrollable expletives included), undeniably you must agree that the...

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