Family Portrait Photography – Baby bean

About This Project

Vernessa (Julia), Wai Mun & Happy

The John15 photography fold is full of animals on board. Our resident Schnauzer named Kenji is 12 this year. A cool short hair exotic cat named Nono, a toad called Charles, an arowana named Tutankhamun and many more pepper our John15 moments with lots of joy.  Naturally, John15 families almost always welcome furbabies and babies of their own. I had my first pet dog at 8 years old, I am confident in handling almost any breed and temperament is near second nature to me now.


Vernessa’s mommy-glow is not outshone by the warmth from her home window. In the comfort of their own home and space, we clicked away capturing time capsules of the “now”. Papa warms up to the quiet baby girl who grows in the safe slushing womb. Outside, we meet Happy, Vernessa’s golden retriever was mostly too happy to have “accidentally” fallen into the public pool and took the chance to frolic at top speed. He knew it was a no-no but heck! Went ahead and splashed till security walked by with a quiet words with his parents. His name is really so apt!


Needless to say, we ended the photoshoot in a wet mess but supremely happy. Wishing this family warmth and happiness all the days of your lives together!

Portrait Photography
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