Fuji in Tokyo Prewedding in Spring

About This Project

To the bride who loves everything kawaii

She is a major cat lover and her knees go weak when she’s faced with character paraphernalia.

He likes pocket rockets and has an incredibly cold sense of humor.


Debrah loves Japan; I mean who doesn’t right?

Pardon me, I jest.

And because Jeremy loves Debrah, he brought her there and upped the experience one notch with a photoshoot by John15! It’s not hard to stereotype Jeremy with his brooding good looks and lanky figure. We had such a flexible shoot that when we were on the subway, he looked so much like one of the Slam Dunk characters who had no choice but grew up and join the fleet of salarymen. Of course, he still retained much of his college unaffected cool.


The Fuji san area is Debrah’s playground. If you ever need evidence that happiness is viral, just ask me. When we left them to their own devices around the lakes, both of them broke into their happy dance. Even as I watched from a distance, I couldn’t help but imagine what kind of a big white gown I’d look good prancing in. As always, a smile flittered across my face, like a shy butterfly covered by my mechanical camera.

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