Justin & Huey- W Hotel Wedding Singapore

About This Project

To the dearest ones

Most couples would have loved to have their weddings intimate, exclusive and generally quiet.
But for us Asians, we realise and respect that it’s as much a party for our folks as it is ours.

More so if folks like Justin and Huey’s are such a upsized fun pack!

Whenever a wedding set is delivered, the couple is usually taken aback by the gems of emotion showed by their loved ones.
Your usually reticent aunt or distant cousin sheds a teardrop or two wishing you both the best of marital bliss.

Blood is way thicker than water will ever be.
No matter who they are or what background everyone comes from, as long as it’s blood, you can be sure they only want the best happiness for you.
That’s why tears flow freely as precious as champagne pops.

Before all the wedding shenanigans, there’s Justin and Huey’s prewedding!

Actual Wedding Day
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