Northern Lights Summer Daze

About This Project

When he was an undergrad, Marcus headed north for an unforgettable internship in Sweden. Cameras weren’t brilliant then, digital cameras were merely in their infancy. Even then, he had tried his utmost to capture the elusive Northern lights, the aurora borealis. What his eye could see, his camera could not. And from then on, the boy made a promise to himself that he’ll say hej da to Sweden to conquer and capture the Aurora.


Fast forward a decade on, he captured the northern lights and more, a faithful heart.


Nobody absolutely nobody, flies a gezillion miles headlong into a punishing negative 30 degrees to go on one knee. But he did. The adventures that we went on with Marcus and Lily in this fantastical land can only be the stuff of dreams. And boy, is love at its most beautiful when the world goes quite crazy around you.


Sweden is an intense mix to the senses. Intense silence punctured by the howling winds. Extreme expansion to contraction depending on which side of the door you’re at. Our nikons are put to the test. If our hands weren’t so muffed up, it would have been worthwhile to do a camera review while we were shooting.


The auroras appeared like white wisps of whistling phantoms. There is so much mystery that the human eye just can’t see nor can the mind fathom. Faith is then for the unseeing heart. We had to have faith that the cameras could capture these exact mysteries while we’re trying our best to keep quiet while directing our couple.


It’s a wonder why I didn’t lose much weight in that cold burn. My bride did however. I realise it’s because I’m wrapped in 5 layers more than she is, and for that, my salute to her. If I do say so myself, John15 Photography delivered the epic once again.


Expect #epicphotoshoot with John15 always.

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