Prewedding Overseas – Adrian & Ailing Hokkaido Japan Winter

About This Project

Winter is coming

One never tires of this now famous cliche from Game of Thrones as I eagerly wait for season 7 to assault my senses.

The Japanese winter of snow land Hokkaido is also brutal. Make no mistake of that.

That’s exactly the magic of photography. Photography- where time is frozen; howling winds that whip us hither and thither masquerade as a gentle whisper in imagery.


Ailing and Adrian sought an epic photoshoot, which was exactly what John15 delivered. A solidly epic prewedding photoshoot. Even the GoT-proportion weather yielded a variety of reactions (violent uncontrollable expletives included), undeniably you must agree that the photoshoot was so beautiful it’s worth it.


Like how Ailing will quip Adrian,”Right Darling???”

Prewedding Overseas