The Prewedding of Terence, April and Polar

About This Project

Prewedding photography with pets in tow; one of the most challenging shoot permutations ever. It is always helps to understand the pet’s temperament, its prowess and age. At John15’s own little zoo, most animals are manageable with our experience. Still, enlisting the owner’s help is absolutely paramount.


On this balmy morning, April had her friend, Grace who came along to gamely call out to POLAAARRRRRR!!! Thank you so so much!

When the allure of dog treats lost its hold to the Singaporean heat, what we got was a variety of mismatched expressions from the Japanese spitz. It was so fun. Imagine the bride’s hair being blown in her face 80% of the time, yet we can’t turn her windward and sacrifice the beautiful cloud-scape behind her. With the groom’s hair by turn looking like Hellboy and Shanghai Tang, and the excitable-yet-not-allowed-to-go-full-speed samoyed in his hand.


It’s an orchestra of random, uncontrollable images blown about happily by a disrespectful wind. When I looked through my viewfinder, the alternate feelings of watching a circus and stress from not capturing viable photos muddled my head.


Through all these, we still got the images worthy of John15’s feature. I can only say this comes from experience, time and trust from our couples. I thank God that Polar wasn’t going on the sizzling street shoot on the second leg of the prewedding shoot.

Bridal Hair & Makeup, Prewedding Singapore
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