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John Lin affectionately known as the #GorillaofJohn15 Photography is the visionary behind the lens. He grew up with a talent for beards and an equal talent to become a professional wedding photographer in Singapore. John15 Photography is borne from a decade of film adventure, and digital artistry. Do we have awards to show for it?


We have won a smattering of awards from Junebug Weddings, Fearless Photographers, The Masters Photographers Association UK and John15 is listed as Top 30 Asia Photographers by TOPweds. Sure, these awards make us happy and confirm that we are professional photographers with international acclaim.


But that’s still not as important as our top priority: You, and your story.
To us, nothing compares to the privilege of Telling Your Story. It’s what it is, a once-in-a-lifetime that we cherish as much as you do.


Congratulations to both of you on your wedding day ahead and welcome to the John15 experience.


John and Jaclyn exceeded our expectations in their professionalism and we had so much fun! John was a great director in getting the type of look and feel that he wants and while Jaclyn was always by my side making sure I looked good and keeping our energies up! I would say that they are the power duo! The results were beautiful and we were spoilt for choice on what goes into our album. I would definitely recommend John15 to others, in fact, I’ve already done so!

April Tan-Chia

I loved listening to how John and Jaclyn discussed about the shoots, how they seem to fuel each other’s artistry with their special chemistry which rubs off on you and make you feel comfortable and invincible to make any shoot possible.

Esther Werner-Tan

One of the reasons I am sending this email and not Mary is because she has still not recovered the power of speech. We are so delighted with the photos it is very difficult to explain in a message, but we are simply over the moon.

Tim Wildman

…that’s what you want from a photographer, to have the real moments captured. So that whenever you look at the photos, you are able to relive that day.

Clara Chan

Despite the poor weather and sparse cherry blossoms initially, this duo’s experience speaks for themselves when we re-planned the shoot on the spot and turned all the variables into blessing in disguise eventually.

Khye Chan
Prudential Assurance Singapore

John 15. Partner. Friend. Joker. Perfectionist. Risk taker. God lover. Key elements for a successful photoshoot and partnership. Thank you for putting up with the marathon brief and bringing it to lifeeee, right down to the sports fonts and copy 😀

Romona Loh

“My husband and I got married in Dec 2015 and we hired John to be our photographer for both actual day and pre-wedding. My god is he dedicated and patient! Knowing that we had been pushed to give our best and provided the best was exactly what completed our special day. Thank you for the memories.”

Amanda Jayne


Let us capture your

once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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